Name: Brody

City: Canton

State: Ohio

Age Grade: 9, 4th grade

Do You Have a Pool Table at Home: No

Do You Take Lessons: No

Do You Practice: Yes

Favorite Cue Stick: Cuetec

How And When Did You Become Interested In Playing Pool: I started liking the game, when I was about 3 yrs. old

How Did You Become a Pool Player: I take after my dad, who has been playing for years.

Favorite Game of Pool to Play: 8 ball

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Movie: Spider-man 1-2-3

Favorite TV Show: Ben 10

Favorite Music: Rock

Favorite Pet: Dog

Favorite School Social studies

Who is Your Favorite Pool Player and Why: My Dad...He's the best!!

Pool Accomplishments: I won the sportsmanship of the year award.

At Thirty Years Old You'll Be: A very successful pool player.

What is Your Future Goals in Billiards: Winning the gold.

Other Hobbies: I love baseball

What is Your Best Pool Memory About Yourself: When I won my award

If You Won a Tournament Offering a Scholarship Which College Would You Choose and What Would You Study: a local college. I would study Science

If You Could Visit Anyplace in the World Where Would it Be and Why: Africa. So I could help the children with Malaria.

Please Tell Us Anything Else You Want Us to Know: Malaria kills. Save A Life. Buy A Net......NothingBut

Parents Comments: I am very proud of Brody's BIG HEART!!!