Name: Joseph

City: massillon

State: Ohio

Age Grade: 15 9th

Do You Have a Pool Table at Home: yep

Do You Take Lessons: no

Do You Practice: sometimes

Favorite Cue Stick: predator

How And When Did You Become Interested In Playing Pool: about 4 i could play at our table at home.

How Did You Become a Pool Player: my dad plays

Favorite Game of Pool to Play: 9-ball

Favorite Food: chicken noodles

Favorite Movie: I am Legend, The Butterfly Effect, saving private ryan, flags of our fathers, der untertag

Favorite TV Show: family guy,American dad, scrubs

Favorite Music: anything except country

Favorite Pet: fox

Favorite School Subject: German,computer graphics and design

Pool Accomplishments: won some tourneys

At Thirty Years Old Youll Be: a web designer and advertiser

What is Your Future Goals in Billiards: nothing really

If You Won a Tournament Offering a Scholarship Which College Would You Choose and What Would You Study: Akron univeristy, for their computer arts course

If You Could Visit Anyplace in the World Where Would it Be and Why: Germany, to explore my heritage

Other Hobbies: xbox 360, photoshop and flash/dreamweaver, computers,

What is Your Best Pool Memory About Yourself: when i was little i refused to use a bridge (hand bridge), i always had to shoot from the rail