Kids and Billiards


Grace McRobie


NAME: Joe Kraft

AGE: 13

PARENTS: Larry and Julie Kraft

RESIDENCE: Marshallville, Ohio

SCHOOL/GRADE: 7th Grade at Smithville Middle School

HOW JOE GOT STARTED PLAYING POOL: When his mom Julie played on a team from On the Snap in 1995 Joe would go to team practice sessions and became interested in pool.

POOL TABLE AT HOME: Yes. The living room was moved into the dining room and the dining room furniture was sold so the pool table would fit. But, the table had to go because it was too cramped. An addition will be added in the spring in order to get another table.

HOW JOE BECAME A GOOD POOL PLAYER: Joeís dad Larry taught him how to play pool. Within 11/2 years Joe was playing well enough to start winning against the better players in the area.


FAVORITE PLACE TO PLAY: Fiddlestix Billiard Cafť in Canton, Ohio


FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: "Chris Szuter, because he doesnít get mad if he misses, heís got a good attitude, and heís a great shot."

OTHER SPORTS IN WHICH YOU PARTICIPATE: Football, Baseball, Wrestling, and Basketball


FAVORITE FOOD: Papa Johnís Pizza

BEST FRIEND: Kirk Sheets



FAVORITE TEACHER: Mrs. Glassner (Language Arts)

POOL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Played in a Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Junior 9-Ball Tournament in Sandusky, Ohio in 1998 in which the 1st place winner would qualify to go to the National Jr. 9-Ball Tournament in New Jersey, in which he did and placed 17th. Also qualified at Diamond Billiards in Akron, Ohio in 1999 to go to Tulsa Oklahoma for the BCA Jr. 9-Ball National Tournament in which he placed 13th.

FAVORITE WANTED KIND OF PET: "Weasel man, gotta be a weasel!"

YOUR FUTURE GOAL IN BILLIARDS: "To become like Chris Szuter because heís good and has a good attitude."

AT THIRTY YEARS OLD YOUíLL BE: "Playing pool, baby."

IF YOU WON A TOURNAMENT OFFERING A SCHOLARSHIP PRIZE, WHICH COLLEGE WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND INTO WHICH FIELD WOULD YOU ENTER? "I donít know which one but I do want to go to college. Iíd like to practice being a doctor."


WHAT, IF ANY, RESTRICTIONS ARE PLACED UPON JOE CONCERNING THE MIX OF SCHOOL AND BILLIARDS IN HIS LIFE? "School work comes first. Joe can continue to play pool on a regular basis as long as he continues to work hard at school."

WHAT IF JOE SHOULD DECIDE TO FORGO COLLEGE FOR POOL? " That would be a life choice. I would be sad but supportive. We have always encouraged Joe to get an education, go to college as well as supported his pool playing."

FINALLY WHEN ASKED WHAT QUALITY SHE MOST ADMIRES IN HER SON JULIE PROUDLY STATED, "His sensitivity especially to elderly people. He could see two old people holding hands walking down the street and say something like ĎOh mom, donít they look cute!"

All in all Joe Kraft is a sensible young man with a great sense of humor, a wonderful talent for playing pool and a great disposition. May these attributes as well as his sensitivity be his guide in becoming a well-rounded, fair-minded person into whatever he may venture. A world of luck to you Joe.

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