Rocky Pfisterer 


AGE: 14

PARENTS: Dave Pfisterer and Kathy Miller

RESIDENCE: Massillon, Ohio

SCHOOL/GRADE: 8th Grade at Loran Andrews School

HOW ROCKY GOT STARTED PLAYING POOL: When Rocky was about 8 years old, he and his dad would do their laundry at "Suds N More Suds Laundromat" located on West Tuscarawas Street in Canton, Ohio, and play pool to pass the time.

POOL TABLE AT HOME: No. Rocky does all of his practicing at various pool halls in the area.

HOW ROCKY BECAME A GOOD POOL PLAYER: After his dad realized his potential, he began taking him around to local pool tournaments.


FAVORITE PLACE TO PLAY: Fiddlestix Billiard Cafe’ in Canton, Ohio


FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: "Troy Frank because he used to be and average player but he kept up at it until he became a pro."

Other sports in which you participate: "Baseball, Basketball, Bikeriding and Skateboarding at ‘the bottoms’ in Massillon."


FAVORITE FOOD: Italian at "Smiley’s" in Massillon

BEST FRIENDS: Aaron Marshall, Justin Sumption, and Josh Clayton


FAVORITE TEACHER: Mrs. Corthane (Science)

POOL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Rocky’s best win ever was an 8-Ball Tournament where he took a 1st place victory at Louie’s Pub in Louisville, Ohio against 36 of the areas top [adult] players (Louie’s has since changed ownership and is now known as Hot Laps). Another accomplishment took place at a 9-Ball tournament at Diamond Billiards in Akron, Ohio: It came down to him and a pro player from Holland named Niels Feijen. The format was a race to seven for Rocky and a race to eight for Feijen. What a match this proved to be! It went sown to the wire with a score of six for Rocky and seven for Feijen. Although Feijen won that match, Dave noticed a change in Rocky’s confidence and believes that the match propelled his game to another level. In addition, Rocky placed 3rd in the Sunday 8-Ball Tournament at Fiddlestix; took 1st place 3 times at the Stadium’s 8-Ball Tournament in Massillon, OH and 1st place 6 times at Studio City Billiards 8-Ball Tournament, Massillon, OH.


YOUR FUTURE GOAL IN BILLIARDS: "I’d like to make a living off of shooting pool. I’d like to be a pro and be on ESPN."

AT THIRTY YEARS OLD, YOU’LL BE: "Playing baseball and pool...maybe be married and have kids.

IF YOU WON A TOURNAMENT OFFERING A SCHOLARSHIP, WHICH COLLEGE WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND INTO WHICH FIELD WOULD YOU ENTER? "I’d pick a southern college like Florida State cuz of the warm weather and beaches and I could play baseball all year long." Rocky thinks he would like to be a stockbroker. He currently invests in the stocks.



WHAT, IF ANY RESTRICTIONS ARE PLACED ON ROCKY CONCERNING THE MIX OF SCHOOL AND BILLIARDS IN HIS LIFE? "School always comes first of course, but we’ve never encountered any problem because ROCKY is an exceptional student who has been on the honor roll the last four grading periods.

WHAT IF ROCKY SHOULD DECIDE TO FORGO COLLEGE FOR POOL? He would be supportive but he is shooting for a scholarship through baseball. Rocky plays on the Orangeman Traveling Baseball Team. Since there are tryouts for acceptance onto the team, it is quite an honor to be a team member. Rocky plays 60 games each summer in cities such as Cleveland, Akron and Columbus. He plays the positions of pitcher, centerfield and short stop.

FINALLY WHEN ASKED WHAT QUALITY HE MOST ADMIRES IN HIS SON, Dave proudly stated, "His compassion for people and his unselfishness. If some bullies are picking on a kid, he’d be kind to the kid and try making friends with him. He always befriends the underdogs.

Rocky is a very kindhearted young man and a great athlete. This winning mix of traits can only help him succeed in sports as well as the game of life. Good luck to you Rocky.