Tim Hudson


Name: Tim

City: Navarre

State: Ohio

Age Grade: 13, 8th grade

Do You Have a Pool Table at Home: No

Do You Take Lessons: No just take tips and pointers from my dad (current pool player)

Do You Practice: Yes

Favorite Cue Stick: Well I only HAVE A VIPER PRO SO VIPER PRO

How And When Did You Become Interested In Playing Pool: Going to friends houses with pool tables and playing and going to Fiddlestix and playing at the pool hall with other pool players. Setting my goals to be better than the next person

How Did You Become a Pool Player: When my dad started leagues and him showing me

Favorite Game of Pool to Play: No favorite I like both 8 ball & ( ball the same

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Movie: ???

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Nick shows

Favorite Music: Any kind of rock (hard, classic, heavy metal)

Favorite Pet: Dog

Favorite School Subject: Math, Lunch, Gym

Who is Your Favorite Pool Player and Why: My Dad, he taught me everything I know

What is Your Future Goals in Billiards: To go undefeated in a league, to win a tournament, to make the 9 on the break in 9 ball, to run the table on my opponent and win

Other Hobbies: Playing sports w/my friends and playing video games

What is Your Best Pool Memory About Yourself: I made 5 balls in on the break of 9 ball